Statement of Faith



What is our church mission?

Our mission is to exalt and lift up God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit as God Three in One. Biblical teaching, prayer, discipleship, knowledge, loving fellowship/relationships, evangelism and service to God and others will be the means by which God will be exalted. Individuals will come into a deep abiding love relationship with God, knowing Him and making Him known to all the world, proclaiming the life giving salvation message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Why our church?

Kresson Bible Church is a unique body of believers whom God has called to go and reach the lost and unchurched and proclaim to them the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are being prepared to reach the lost and unchurched people, which is a command and privilege entrusted to every follower of Christ and to those who are called to be a part of Kresson Bible Church. Each member of the body of Kresson Bible Church has a significant calling and specific role in reaching the lost and unchurched for Christ. It is a body of believers committed to a love relationship with God the Father, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. A body committed to growing through Biblical teaching, prayer, discipleship, knowledge, fellowship/relationships and service to God. It is a body committed to loving and serving one another, as they each operate in their unique individual, Holy Spirit given gifts, thus preparing them to fulfill The Great Commission of going into all the world and proclaiming the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ.